Salary & Benefits

Salary & Benefits

A full range of benefits including medical, dental, vision, life, disability and malpractice insurance are provided to our Yale pediatric housestaff. The benefits office offers a matching 403b program. Specific details will be provided at the time of interview. The hospital also provides on call facilities for all residents. Stipends effective July 1, 2013 were:

  • PGY1 - $58,500
  • PGY2 - $60,700
  • PGY3 - $63,800

The Department of Pediatrics recognizes that residency is an educational process requiring individuals to have opportunities for adequate rest, outside endeavors, and family commitments. For that reason, we have built several very special features into our pediatric residency program.

Holiday Break

In addition to the regularly scheduled vacation throughout the year, all members of the housestaff have an additional four days of vacation time provided either during the Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's. One-quarter to one-third of the housestaff are off duty at each of these traditional holiday periods. This allows for our housestaff to visit with family and friends, plan for travel or simply enjoy special times at home without the responsibilities of being on call.

The Curriculum Committee

Our Department has had a longstanding tradition of housestaff involvement in the planning, design, and evaluation of the housestaff program. The Housestaff Curriculum Committee serves as the format for this process. This Committee consists of five to six faculty members, each representing an important area within the Department such as the Newborn Special Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Primary Care Center, Hospital of St. Raphael, and Bridgeport Hospital. Housestaff members of this Committee consist of at least three members of each year of the program as well as the Chief Residents. The Committee is chaired by the Director of the housestaff program. All discussions are informal and open to all members of the housestaff and faculty. In most circumstances, recommendations made by this Committee have been implemented after careful consideration by the members of the faculty and Chairman of the Department. A recent example of change is the implementation our new inpatient senior supervisor experience. An open format and a no-holds-barred approach allow for constructive and effective interchanges as well as ongoing assessments of the educational, patient care, and service components of our residency program.

Intern Retreat

In the fall of each year, the intern class of the Pediatric, Med/Peds, and Psych/Peds programs retreat to the Hole In the Wall Gang Camp for a wonderful weekend of camaraderie, discussion and fun. All spouses, significant others and family members are invited to participate.